Sunday, December 11, 2011

So You're On the Naughty List?!?

Christmas Idea #11 - Coal for the Naughty

Are you finding yourself on the naughty or nice list this year?  If you or someone you know is on the naughty list, or if you just like a good gag gift here is some coal that would go nicely in someone's stocking.
Big Red Kitchen made these "coal" rice krispie balls using black icing coloring.  To see her recipe and directions, visit her blog.
Eighteen 25 saw the same idea (above) and created coal with cute packing made from plastic paint cans from a craft store or packaged in a gift bag.  If you visit their blog, they have also included the lump of coal tag you see in the picture.  Maybe being on the naughty list isn't so bad after all!


Becca said...

We made the lumps of coal this year. It was a hit. I think it will be a fun neighbor gift next year with a card that says something about You're such Good neighbors, this will be the only lump of coal you get.

Stefanie Orton said...

I've also seen rice krispie treats made with cocoa puffs- that could work as well!

Justin said...

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