Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simple Teacher Gifts (with sayings)

Since NEXT week is teacher appreciation week, I thought I would share some simple gift ideas for the teachers.

*There are many REISENS why we think you are a great teacher! - Reinsen candy
*We think you're NOTEworthy! Have a stuPENdous day!
*You make life a little SWEETER! - candy/something sweet
*You are the APPLE of our eye! - caramel apple suckers or anything apple related.
*You're one in a MELON! - Watermelon flavored anything (candy, drink, candle scent, etc.)
*You really measure up! I am so glad that you are my teacher - ruler tied to a box of fruit by the foot
*I've got to HAND it to you, I think you're great! - lotion, nail polish, manicure gift certificate
*We are BERRY glad we had you as a teacher! - Berry flavored anything
*You are the CREME of the crop - Creme Life Saver candy
*You are a class ACT! - tied to a box of popcorn (Act brand)
*There's MUFFIN like a teacher like you! - muffins/muffin mix
*To a SCENTsational teacher. - Attached to a candle, lotion, or a scentsy candle warmer and a package or two of wax. (I have seen the non-name brand scensty warmers and wax bars at Wal-Mart. I believe that the warmer is from $10-15 and the wax bars are $1.88...this is what I plan on giving this year.)
*We have had MOUNDS of fun in your class this year! - Mounds candy
*As the year CLIPS along, we want you to know that you are the HIGHLIGHT! - paperclips and highligher markers.
*You have been a FANTAstic teacher! - Fanta pop

**In the past I have done a movie basket, where you attach some of the candy mentioned with cute sayings, a box of (Act) popcorn, bottles of pop, and a gift certificate to a movie rental place. I have also done gift certificates to a favorite restaurant.

Ideas for the PTA to give to teachers:
*One year, the PTA had large stars with the teachers' names on them attached to the walls that lined the halls of the school. On Monday morning with the teachers arrived to school, their desk and floor had Hershey kisses scattered with a note that read: We KISS the ground you walk on! We appreciate you! Another treat given out that week was a (red) fruit by the foot attached with the following saying: We're ROLLIN' out the RED (as in carpet) for our Celebrious Staff!
*Thanks for CHIPPIN' in to make this school year great! - chips
*You always RISE to the occasion. Thanks for being willing to help when we KNEAD you! - loaf of bread
*We're NUTS about having you at school! - attached to a small bag of Planters Peanuts
*Attach the following to a bag of assorted mint candy:
Thank You Assort-MINT
1. Thanks for your commit-"mint"
2. Thanks for your encourage-"mint"
3. Thanks for your involve-"mint"
4. Thanks for your invest-"mint" of time
5. Thanks for making each day an enjoy-"mint"
6. Thanks for helping to create a nice environ-"mint"


Jen @ Sunshine4Teachers said...

Hi Allison! I totally just "stole" your minty sayings and printed them out on an address label and slapped them on some minty fresh gum packs I had set aside for the week. Thanks so much!

Jadi said...

Thanks for the great ideas!

Angela said...

For the lotion I have traced my child's hands and tape a hand on each side of the lotion so it looks like they are clapping and wrote "You deserve a hand" for Teacher Appreciation week or the end of shool-year gift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the minty sayings...I used for a women's conference...thanks for making this day and enjoy "mint"!I typed this on a business card template and attached to a mint! Great hit.

mamaof3 said...

Thanks so much for the fab ideas! I'm totally stealing the movie "basket" idea with a huge popcorn bucket filled with all the candy suggestions and sayings and G.C. to theater!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything I can say for a bag of popcorn or pretzels
Plsz help,Thanx
I came up with you are one "Pop ular teacher" so what u thnk

Adam jane said...

Nice Post! Thanks ..

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