Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Teacher/Neighbor Gift Ideas

Christmas Idea # 20 - Last Minute Teacher/Neighbor Gift Ideas
Have a Holly JOLLY Christmas from Pioneer Party

I have seen Twizzlers given with a tag attached saying "TWIZ the season!", but here is another saying you could use:  "Twiz the night before Christmas, and all through the house, they were munching on Twizzlers with very happy mouths!"
Source:  Brassy Apple
May your days be merry and "SPRITE!"

From One of A Kind Gift Ideas:
Oven mitt filled with spaghetti and sauce:
We know how hectic the Holidays can be with all the Christmas rush and fuss,
So relax a bit—Open this MITT, and have some Spaghetti on us!!

I'm totally diggin' this snowman Jiffy pop gift card holder from The Stamp Doc.


speters said...

Great ideas! I found one other great idea that I just had to share!

Jessica said...

Just a hint with the "Merry and Sprite." If you are dropping them off on your neighbors doorstep, you can't leave them if they don't answer. When soda freezes, it expands too much and they will have an explosion on their porch instead of a gift! My parents did that when I was about 12 and instead of running gifts around the neighborhood on one long night, we had a week full of long nights until everyone had answered. It was great that we got to see everyone face to face, but it was a little more than we had bargained for! Such a cute idea though!

Anonymous said...
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Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Jessica thanks for the tip! I may not have thought about that idea and may have had some unhappy neighbors :)

Abdul Latif said...

Stunninggift ideas you give about teacher, neighbor.

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