Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun with Santa!

Christmas Idea # 17 - Santa fun with your kids!
Earlier this week I had my 2 younger kids e-mail their Christmas wish lists to Santa.  Imagine how excited they were to not only get an email back, but to also watch a video of what Santa was doing!  They were both told they are on the nice list, but that he would be checking in to see if that stayed true.  Good...that means I still have some leverage.  If you want to have your children e-mail Santa and even view some pictures of his house, the reindeer barn and more, check it out!  Oh and by the way, this site is also so fun to check on Christmas Eve when  you can view the Santa tracker to see where's he's been and how long until he reaches your house!!
 Seeing is believing right?!?  How about a picture that captures Santa leaving gifts at YOUR house?  My kids would flip if they saw this!!  Want to know how to create your own?  Check out Capture the Magic to learn how.

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