Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Treats To Make For A School Party

Last night I went to bed late and didn't have time to post anything, so I am combining post 18 & 19 today.  On top of everything else crazy that happens in December, our family is trying to finish our basement before Christmas.  Crazy? Yes, but it's going to be totally worth it!

Christmas Idea # 18 - Decorate Snowman Sugar Cookies like Betty Crocker!
 When I saw these snowman sugar cookies I thought of how fun they would be to make for a classroom Christmas party.  Items needed:  sugar cookies, frosting (white), red string licorice and an assortment of candy.  A few ideas might include life savers, mini M&Ms, candy corn (nose), runts, etc.

Christmas Idea # 19 -  Christmas Tree From An Icecream Cone
Source:  The Frugal Girls
This activity is one that I have used many times.  I have used this for a family Christmas party, classroom party and this year we used it in our class when we studied Germany for Christmas Around the World.  Take a sugar cone turned upside down and spread green frosting around.  Cover your tree with "ornaments" by using mini M&M's, string licorice, sprinkles and anything else you think might be fun!


Tracie said...

Hot glue the cone to the plate! Makes everyone much happier when the tree remains standing.

3LittleBirds said...

Love the tree idea! Do these dry quickly? Also, what do the kids put them in to get them home safely?

Abhijit Sarkar said...

I really loved that idea of tree, I was actually looking for some food ideas, so that I can prepare a treat, and i think i have just ended up in the right place.