Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Polar Express Party

Christmas Idea # 21 - Polar Express Party
Can't you imagine a Polar Express party with eveyryone nice and comfy in their pajamas!  her This idea could work for either a classroom party or family party.  Obviously you could include the book (read by Santa would be neat) or watch the movie, but here are a few more suggestions:
Of course, you would have to provide hot chocolate at this party and what better way than in a crock pot!?!  Mrs. Happy Homemaker has just that!
 If this is an idea for school, how about using this invitation from Erica Bohrer's First Grade
or make this candy train treat:
She also has a Venn Diagram where your students can compare and contrast the book from the movie.  All this for FREE.  Love it!!
The Dowell Family posted about their Polar Express party at school.  Including frosting sugar cookies, a visit from Santa, musical chairs and a trip inside of a train (made by the teacher) to listen to the story and drink hot chocolate.  Incredible!
You could make a cake train (or gingerbread, cookie, whatever works for you) like Alpine Berry did.
Oopsey Daisy shows you how to make a more simple train using graham crackers and frosting
or even this little candy train that might work as a craft or party favor.
Mrs. Johnson's First Grade has a FREE build a train download on her blog.  Hop on over to grab it!
I like the train ornament that Bishop's Blackboard did for her students.
First Grade is Fantabulous did a recent post on what they did at her school and she has included some great links to other resources.


Leslie @KindergartenWorks said...

I made that hot chocolate recipe (found it on pinterest) and it was fantastic. Best part, I made it for my class the night before and it was simple! Thanks for putting these ideas together.
- Leslie

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Do you have something creative for 5th grader?

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