Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Activities

With only 5 days remaining of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, here are some last minute, fun Olympic activities with your kids before the Olympics end.
Alpha Mom has an idea for an Olympic torch and gold medal (cookie).
ABC & 123 also has several great ideas (also including the link to Alpha Mom)

9 different {Free} Olypmic Coloring pages to print from home thanks to Classroom Jr.  Also offered are several BINGO game cards.

A variety of games and activities for kids centered around the Olympics from first-school.  It could be a fun thing to center a child's birthday party around the Olympics!

Take a look at what Kaboose has to offer.  Plenty of ideas and activities for kids!

Oh and by the way, I reached 100 followers on my blog today.  Not that you care, but I can't believe how awesome that is!  Truly you guys have made my day.  Thanks for having faith in me.  LOVES to all!


Mom2Boys said...

I don't follow through blogger, but I subscribe via Google reader and you also have 264 readers there!

Thanks for all of the great ideas!

Nicole said...

THank you for this blog, it is fabulous!! So many wonderful ideas I am going to apply to my family. Thank you!

Alison said...

Such cute ideas!! I love all of this Olympic spirit!! I also threw an Olympic birthday party for my son's first birthday. I have posts about my torch, Olympic cupcakes, gold medals, and have a free download for a Winter Olympics Bingo on my blog http://oopsey-daisy.blogspot.com/. Thanks for all of your fabulous ideas!