Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fruit Loop Necklaces

Back to the Basics!

Yesterday my (2) kids were needing an inside activity to do. I decided to get out the Fruit Loops and let them each make a necklace. Remember doing this as a kid? I couldn't find any string, so instead I taped a long piece of ribbon (for gift wrapping) to my table.
They were more than entertained! But I decided I could slip some teaching in while they were having fun. With my 4 year old, I taught him about patterns. I picked out 2 colors at a time and we took turns making the pattern on the table before stringing the Fruit Loops. For my 2 year old, we worked on colors. I told her what color to thread on the string and she enjoyed picking the colors out of the bowl and showing them to me.

If you are looking for an easy and fun activity to do with your kids, this was a great idea.

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Anonymous said...

I plan to have kids make these at my daughter's birthday party and was looking for a way to tie them so that the fruit loops wouldn't fall off the other end once strung. Taping them to the table is a fantastic idea - thanks!