Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Games for New Year's

This year for New Year's, we will be spending the evening with 3 other families (kids included). The kids will be sent downstairs to play games and hang out, while the adults do grown-up things, like play Rock Band. If you are hosting or heading to a party and need some ideas (that don't include Rock Band), here are a few games I have come across:

M&M Game

Pass around a bowl of M&M’s candy but don’t tell people what you are doing. Tell them to take as many or as few M&M’s as they want. Based on the # and the color, people are to describe themselves. (ie: If someone takes 5 yellow M&M’s, they are to describe 5 things that make them happy.) Feel free to change the colors to mean different things if you don't like what you see!

Red - Name a celebrity you think is good looking.
Orange - Name your favorite food.
Yellow - Something that makes you happy.
Green - Name a place you would like to visit.
Blue - Name a goal you would like to achieve.
Brown - Name an item you could not live without.

Two Truths and A Lie

Each person writes down 2 true things about themselves and 1 lie. The object is to decide who wrote down what and then which of the 3 items listed is the lie.

The Big Wipe

The leader hands out toilet paper to a group sitting in a circle. The leader tells the group to take as much toilet paper as they need for the week. After, they must share one thing about themselves with the group for every square of toilet paper.

I Have Never

Another good game for finding things out about others....
Have everyone sit in a circle except one person. The person in the middle says something that they have never done (ie. I have never drank. or I have never worn a dress). All the people who have never done that have to get up and find an empty seat (from someone else who just got up). The person stuck without a seat is now in the middle. This game has no time limit. OR THE WAY I PLAYED IT…Give everyone 30 M&M’s or other food item. Take turns going around the circle saying, “I have never…” If you have done that thing before, eat one of your food items. The person with the most items remaining wins.

Oh and I found 15 more FABULOUS game ideas for both adults and kids at How Does She?

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