Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa's Sleigh

Here is a Christmas game that a mom made up one year when she came to my class to do the 12 Days of Christmas. You need a large area since this does involve a lot of moving, so I would suggest outside on the playground, or if it is too cold, the gym.
Gather the students together and explain the game and actions. Once all have been explained, begin yelling out different commands and have the kids do the action until the next action has been called out. If they don't do the right action, they are out of the game. Last one standing wins a prize.

FRONT OF THE SLEIGH - Run to front of gym.
BACK OF THE SLEIGH - Run to back of gym.
SIDE OF THE SLEIGH - Run to either side of the gym.
DOWN THE CHIMNEY - Lay on your back and kick your legs in the air (as if you have fallen down a chimney).
PARTNER WRAPPING - Partner up ("do-se-do") Connect arms and swing around.
ELF IN A BOX ON A BOX- 3 people. #1 on knees, #2 leaning against 1st person's back, and #3 standing in back.
LANDING ON THE ROOF TOP - Whole class/group sitting in a train position. (Sit in between person behind you's legs)
SAVE SANTA- (4 people needed) 3 people sitting in a train position and 1 person laying on their stomach being held by hands or feet by the first person of the 3.
SCREAMING ELVES - Everyone screams (not my favorite one!)
FLOPPY SANTA - Do the "worm"
FALLING SNOW - use both hands to motion like rain/snow is falling.
BABY REINDEER - Get on knees and make antlers by your head by using your hands.
RUDOLPH - Using both hands, twist them over nose to represent a bright red nose.

Feel free to change or add any actions that you think might be fun too. My kids loved doing this activity and I think they even played this at recess for the rest of December. This would also work perfect for a PE teacher!!

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Crafts and Deals said...

What a fun game idea!! Would be great to use at a family party in a big gym!