Friday, December 4, 2009

Simple Neighbor Gifts (with sayings)

Here is a list of neighbor/friend gift ideas for Christmas. Some of these ideas I have used in the past, and some I have kept on file as gift ideas I have received from others. Some of these ideas are practical, but most just contain a fun saying with a simple gift. Hope it helps someone out!

We “WHISK” you a Merry “KISSmas”
and a Happy New Year!!
(Tie to wire whisk and bag of Hershey Kisses)

“TWIZZ” the Season!
(Tie to a bag of Twizzler candy)

“FLEECE” on earth and good will to all friends.
(Tie to a fleece blanket, scarf, etc.)

It has been a “JOY” to work with you/be your neighbor/have you as my teacher!
(Tie a scrubbing sponge to a bottle of joy dish soap/bag of almond joy candy bars.)
OR...along the same lines...
Wishing you “joy” beyond “measure” this holiday season!
(mini almond joy candies in a measuring cup)

Thank you for all of your
hard work and dedication!
It has really “mint” a lot to me.
Happy Holidays!
(Mint candy)

For our friends we love so dear,
We’re doing something different this year.
Sweets and treats are really great,
But this will help you watch your weight!!
So.. ..
Bake them and hash them,
Fry them or mash them.
For all you do,
These SPUDS are for you!!
(Tied to a bag of potatoes)

There ain’t “muffin” like Christmas time!
(Muffin mix or muffins from Costco :) )
There ain’t “nuttin’” like Christmas time!
(Nut or anything peanut butter)

Just “popping” by to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a holly, “JOLLY” Christmas!
(jolly ranchers)

Hoping you have an “extra” special holiday season!
(extra gum)

We hope this helps to warm the soul during this holiday season.
(hot choco.)

Hope you have a rootin’, tootin’ Christmas! (root beer & can of chili)

We hope you have been “Chex”ed on Santa’s good list so you can enjoy a “Sparkling” holiday!! (sm. Bag of chex mix & sparkling cider)

Wishing you a “BEARY” Merry Christmas!
(cinnamon bears)

Hoping that the magic of Christmas will “stick” with you all year.
May you “attract” the spirit of Christmas all year.

Wishing you a “M”arvelous and “M”agical Christmas season!

Orange(s) with the story of The Christmas orange

May your Christmas be merry and “sprite”!

May your holidays “bubble” over with the spirit of Christmas.
(Tied to pop or sparkling cider)

We are “soda”-lighted to be your neighbor!

Wishing you an udderly MOO-valous Christmas

WARM up this holiday season TOPPED with Christmas cheer & lots of PIZZAz!

From your “nacho” ordinary neighbors.

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz; oh what good friends you is! (sparkling cider)
May the absorbing spirit of the season:
BLOT out your problems,
SOAK up sorrows,
and WIPE away difficulties.
(tie to a towel/dish cloth)

The M & M Christmas Story
If you hold these candies in your hand
and turn them, you will see. . .
The M becomes a W & the E is then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story,
it’s one I’m sure you know.
It took place in a stable
a long, long, time ago.
The E is for the east,
where the star shone “O” so bright.
The M is for the manger
where baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the wise men
bearing gifts when they came.
W is for worship, Hallelujah
singing praises to his name.
So as you eat these candies
or share them with a friend,
remember the spirit of Christmas
and never let it end!!!

Do you have any fun ideas you would like to share? More ideas to come...


nana rosie said...

Thanks so much for vistiting my blog! I love to meet new friends. I'm glad you liked my neighborhood gift ideas & thanks for the feature.
Rosie T

Anonymous said...

Our PTA is giving each teacher markers with a note that says "Wishing you a merry and 'write' holiday!"
I love the ideas you have posted...very cute!