Monday, December 7, 2009

More Gift Ideas...

As promised, here are some more gift ideas for teachers, neighbors, friends, etc.

Great ideas from Rosy Cheeks! I love that she also has included tags for the gifts. Seriously...all the work is already done!

Living Locurto has a FREE download for a Christmas CD jewel case label. If you don't like the songs she chose for her CD, make your own and just use the front cover label. There are more FREE Christmas downloads HERE.

Creations Made By Moi has some more fun ideas. (I can't get any of her pics. to upload, so you will just have to see for yourself!)

Attach a key (rod iron or other) to the follow poem:

* We thought this would come in handy since everyone's a little short on DOUGH this year.
(Tape to a package of Pillsbury cookie dough OR tie to a package of cookie mix with a cookie cutter.)

*BLESS YOU this Holiday SNEEZIN'
From your SNOTTY neighbors
(Tie this saying to a box of Kleenax...they make them with holiday designs around this time of the year if you are interested!)

I happened to make some homemade pomegranate jelly, thanks to my in-laws over-producing pomegranate tree, so I will giving that out to the teachers as gifts this year. Hope they like it because I know my family has! I'm not quite sure what to do for the neighbors and staff I work with yet. Any more ideas you found and want to share?

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