Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Party

Two weeks ago, my daughter and her cousin/best friend hosted a Christmas party for their friends. Ok so her cousin hosted the party, but we helped. Here were some of the fun things that we did, keep in mind that this was for a group of 5th (and some 4th) grade girls...
The first game was a drawing game.

There were 3 teams and 3 posters hanging on the wall. Below each poster was a sack with items to draw for Santa. All of the bags contained the same items so that it was fair. Some of the items to draw were: beard, pants, boots, etc. The thing that made this game both fun and tricky was the order in which each team drew out the items. For example, a person might draw out the paper slip that said beard, before they even had a face drawn, or boots before they had the pants, etc. The girls got a kick out of this game!
We also played the Yes/No Game:

Here is the shoveling snow game:

Some of the other activities we did at the party were to play musical chairs (the girls' idea), decorated gingerbread men (a kit we got from Wal-Mart) and made a craft.

We made these mini magnet boards with the girls. The mom who hosted the party, got these scraps of metal from the welding teacher at the high school. The teacher was nice enough to not only give them to us, but also sand them to make life easier for the girls. The mom had scraps of vinyl words that the girls could choose from and also the ribbon they wanted. Then we helped each girl to make 2 marble magnets. They all loved taking these decorations home and had a blast making them too!
Oh and what party is complete without food?

I hope to get some more exciting food for parties in the future, but for this year (aside from other food), I brought these cookies. I made sugar cookies, melted some white chocolate chips and poured it on top for the frosting. Then I had my kids help me smash up candy canes and sprinkle them on top of the frosting before it hardened. I was in a crunch for time and these were definitely both easy and yummy!

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