Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Portraits

I absolutely love this Mother's Day idea for the classroom!  The idea comes from Lesson Plans SOS but can be purchased from TpT HERE.  I am not so sure it would work for my 1st graders, unless I adjusted the prices and kept the same concept.  I think 2nd and 3rd graders would find this to be a blast though!!
Basically the students were allowed a $5.00 budget to spend on "mom" items at the Ma Store.  They were given a price list of the mom items and had to come up with what they would spend their money on.  Once their lists were approved, the kids could buy their items and begin creating their moms.  Some of the items to buy included buttons, googly eyes, hair, clothing, jewelry, etc.  Honestly, these are so stinkin' cute!  Here's a look at a few more, but head over to Lesson Plans SoS for the full scoop.
Further down on their post, they described about a Mom Spa the class hosted for the moms.  Sounds like a fun activity!


Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said...

WOW! Thanks for featuring us on your blog! Just checked out your blog for the first time...what great ideas!
Melissa and Nicole :)

Fran Kramer said...

We did drawings of our moms in kindergarten with black felt tip markers. The results were so adorable. Come and take a look. I love these because the students used describing words! This is really great for teaching adjectives and what better subject than your mom! Love it!