Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fortunate to Have Your Help!

 I have had {8} of the best parents this year.  Ok so I have really had more than just 8 fabulous parents, but those 8 I am referring to have been my parent helpers.  They have been so good about coming into my classroom to work with my students on reading, math skills, and any project we might be working on.  I wanted to give them each something to tell them thank you, so I came up with this:

I started with these fortune cookies I found at Walmart.  There are about 12 in a box for a little over a dollar.
 I grabbed some {chocolate and vanilla} almond bark (located by the chocolate chips).
 Then it was time for dipping.  I melted 4 squares (half the package) of almond bark in a small sauce pan and heated it on the stove on LOW heat.  You need to be sure to stir the almond bark continually so it doesn't scorch, but overall very easy.  When I was done, I dipped the fortune cookies one at a time into the {melted} almond bark and then dipped them into sprinkles.  Some I left just plain chocolate.  Then I laid them on wax paper to harden and set up.
I them added 10 to a take out box, padded by tissue paper...5 of each kind.  I found the take out boxes at Walmart down the party aisle.  They came in packages of 4 and I think they were $1.50/package.  Overall, a very easy way to let my parents know how I appreciated all their hard work.
 My (6th grade) daughter decided she wanted to make a candy gram poster for her teacher for teacher appreciation.  I think she did a pretty good job!

I still have so many teacher appreciation ideas I will be sharing.  This happens to be a crazy busy week though so bare with me.

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Glora said...

Definitely a crazy week, but some great ideas.