Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Am I glad to see Friday here or what?  What a week.  I am sure most of you are feeling the same way!  This was such a great week with it being Teacher Appreciation week, but this close to the end of the school year also made it a crazy week.  Anyway, I realize that it is probably too late for any more Mother's Day ideas with your students, but if you are still looking for a craft idea to do with your own kids, then maybe one of these ideas can help.
I really liked this idea from Second Grade is Splendid.  

She used these {personalized} tiles as coasters, but I was thinking of something similar to these only using the tiles as...well...tiles.  I am sure you have seen tiles with vinyl sayings on them which sit in a stand (small easel).  Whichever way works for you, I think it would make a simple, cute and personal gift for mom!
Another really great mom idea is this bottle of leMOMade from Diary of a First Grade Teacher.

What did my class do for the moms this year?  Well my inspiration came from IKEA.  On a quick run into the store last weekend (literally in and out in 15 minutes) I was searching for small easels to make the tile project (mentioned above).  IKEA did not have any easels, but while I was looking in the picture department, I came across these 2 sided picture frames for only $0.99 each.

When I saw them I instantly thought of how perfect these would make for a Mother's Day gift, especially since I still didn't have an idea.  Well here is what we ended up doing with them:
I gave the kids each a 4 x 6 white cardstock and told them to draw a picture of their moms the best that they could.  Here are a few...

 Then I gave them each a questionnaire about their moms that they had to fill out with their best spelling and handwriting.  (Sorry the first one turned out blurry.)
My mom is a good cook because she makes _________________. (#1 answer:  hotdogs!)
My mom taught me how to _____________________.
I know my mom is smart because she knows how to _______________.
My mom makes me laugh when she _____________.
I know my mom loves me because she _____________.
(All of my students have moms, but be sensitive to those who don't!)
The last thing the kids got to do was decorate their picture frames anyway they wanted using Sharpies.  Each student decorated a lunch sack for their gift bag and took them home today.  I think the moms should appreciate these frames.  After all, don't most moms love a good homemade gift?!?


bonniecronquist said...

What a great idea :) Love it! We painted small flower pots and modge podge their pictures on them and then planted flowers for their moms!

Mrs. Brown said...

How cute! I want to have a blog so bad; do you know where I can get my set-up/templates from? I have a bee theme and I absolutely LOVE to share what I do......thanks!

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Kelly B...if you go to it will walk you through what you need to do to get started. The first thing you need to do is think up a blog name and see if it is available. There are lots of websites now that offer free backgrounds, headers, etc. Try googling it and see what comes up. A really popular one is Of course there are also many people who create blog templates as a job/hobby. You can always pay someone to create your blog for you using the theme and colors you like. I hope this helps you get started. Thruthfully I think most of us have learned how to blog by jumping in and trying it out. I know that's how I did anyway. Let me know if you have any other questions!
P.S. My 3rd grade class had a bee theme. I would love to see what you have!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Thanks for your email!

FYI- I am actually giving away free E-books (of my published book) to anyone who wants one until Wed. pm- If you'd like to share the link with your readers.

Teaching Blog Addict

Miss Kindergarten said...

I had my students fill out a questionnaire about his/her mom too! My favorite answer: My mom has _____ eyes and ____ hair. (2 eyes and browns hair) HAHAHAH I about died!

Miss Kindergarten

Miss Kindergarten said...

Also, I noticed you have my old blog site {Outfitted and Inspired} on your blog roll. Would you mind changing it to my new blog!??! Thanks! :)

Miss Kindergarten

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