Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of the Year Gift

The school year is coming to an end which means CrAzY, cRaZy, CrAzY!  Summer officially begins in one week, which is hard to believe considering today we had rain, hail and SNOW (that actually stuck to the ground for a while)!  What a day!! 
I created an end of the year teacher gift for my daughter's teacher.  If you have never tried out WORDLE, you totally should!   I had my daughter list all the things she could think of pertaining to this school year.

I really like the wordle puzzles where the words are going both horizontal and vertical, but this was my daughter's project and she created it the way she wanted. 
So...where to begin?  Here is a step by step of what to do:

1.  Go to WORDLE
2.  Click on create.
3.  Type in a list of words you want into the box.  One word or phrase per line.  When you are done click on GO and your project will appear.
4.  From here you can edit your wordle puzzle...the direction of the words, font, colors, etc.
5.  Print your wordle and trim your paper down to 8 x 10.  (If you want your wordle in a 5x7 frame, reduce your wordle on a copy machine first.  Get a frame and you are done!

For FAQ click on the link, otherwise these were some tips I found very helpful...
*All words will be the same size of font, unless you type the same word multiple times.  For example, if I were typing up words that described my family, but wanted my last name to really stand out, I would type my last name 2 or 3 times so that it would appear 2-3 times larger than the other words.
*If you want 2 or more words side by side in your wordle, add a ~ between each word. (Mr. Smith would look like Mr.~Smith)
*I saved my word list on Microsoft Word so that I could edit anything I didn't like or change it up.  Just a suggestion because it's better be to safe than sorry right!?!

Hope this idea helps out.  This would also make for a great Mother's Day/Father's Day gift!


Miss Griffin said...

That's what my class did for Mother's day! Their wordless were so sweet and we mounted them on construction paper and laminated them for safe keeping. The applications of that website are endless!

Miss Griffin

Miss Griffin said...

Sorry... "wordles" not wordless! Got to love iPhone autocorrect!

llee said...

Thank you so much! I used this idea for all of my room moms that helped out this year! Perfect and cost effective!!
thanks again for sharing!

Ashleigh said...

What a great idea. I am definitely going to use this one.

D Ryan said...

*If you want 2 or more words side by side in your wordle, add a ~ between each word. (Mr. Smith would look like Mr.~Smith)

You can try using a sticky space (alt+space) or (option+space). It works on the Mac, not sure on the PC.

Paulo said...

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str0131 said...

I was trying to create one for my teacher, saying her name, my classmates, the year, and a funny quote of hers. It did not work after SEVERAL tries. Not very happy