Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graduation {Balloon} Gift

Recently my daughter was invited to a birthday party which I wasn't prepared for with a present so we had to do some quick thinking.  Everyone loves to get money right?  Well that's the approach we took, only we wanted to make it a little more exciting than just money in a card.  I took 5 - $1 bills and rolled them up one at a time.  I stuck $1 inside of each balloon and then had them blown up with helium.  (You can see a dollar in the green balloon.)  We decided to fill a gift bag with candy and tie the balloons to the bag. 
Since graduation is right around the corner and money seems to be a popular thing to give, wouldn't this be a perfect idea?!?  Maybe more than just $5 for a graduate though! :)  Another idea is to fill balloons with gift certificates.  Whatever you decide to fill your gift balloons with, make sure your balloon doesn't get away from you!

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Mel said...

What a clever idea! I will definitely have to keep this in mind.