Sunday, June 26, 2011

OUTDOOR Summer Activities

Ok so let's be serious.  My last post was about indoor summer activities, but in truth my kids want nothing more than to be outside playing.  That is, unless it becomes too hot and then we have to refer to the indoor activities posted about before.  As are some OUTSIDE activities to get your kids playing and keep them busy!
Teach your kids about primary and secondary colors using food coloring & water inside of water guns!  My (younger) kids have really been loving water coloring lately and I know they would get a kick out of this!  Thanks My Little Princess World for such a great idea!!
She Wears Flowers came up with this homemade DIY sprinkler system.  I might just have to make a trip to Home Depot this week!
How about having a sail boat race!?!  Alphamom suggests a different approach...make your own {ice cube}boats.

Here are a few more ideas...Use what works for you and your kids.  These ideas might vary depending on where you live and the ages of your kids!
*Wash the car.
*Have a lemonade stand.
*Take your own "field trip" and see things around your town you might not have before.
*Go on a {service} scavenger hunt.  Make sure a grown up goes too and go in a neighborhood you are familiar with!
*Go on a picnic.
*Have a dog show.
*Go to a water park.
*Have a cook out...marshmallows and hotdogs (or tin foil dinners) with a real fire!
*Go camping, hiking, or on a nature walk.
*Have a family game night or movie night.
*Play night games (my kids do this all the time...kick the can and all!)
*Plant a garden
*Dig for worms/collect insects.

No worries....more ideas and activities to come.  For now though, have a FUN summer!!


Precious Perks (Leigh) said...

LOVE the saailboat!!!! So, doing that this summer!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Thanks so much for sharing my sprinkler! Since I did it, I have seen abouta million amazing ones, but I have to say, we still LOVE this one! ;)

Airamty said...

Thanks so much for sharing our water guns activity...and for all the other fun ideas....we're loving summer!!! Also, how could I never have seen your blog before....thank you so very much for letting me know about it...It's amazing!!!

Emily said...

Our kids are the same way! It's really important to wear sunscreen this summer but we can't seem to drive this point home. I bought them some really fun sunglasses for kids that will at least protect their eyes.