Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Red, White, & Blue Food

Here are some more great food ideas for you to bring to your 4th of July BBQ!
How about starting the day off right with a 4th of July breakfast from Be Different Act Normal.
I love this healthy idea, using fruit kabobs to create the American flag.  Idea from The Englands.
Fresh Cut got creative with this flag Jell-o!
This next flag cake comes from Ladybird Ln.  The outside of the cake has fireworks....
and the inside looks like the American flag!
White chocolate dipped strawberries from J & M's Eye Candy.

*On a side note, I am still super frustrated with the whole comment thing from Blogger.  I like to leave comments for people when I see something I like.  You know, show some Blogger love, but I am still not able to on all blogs.  It seems I either have to leave my comment from "anonymous" or if I get lucky, on some blogs (not all) it leaves me signed in so I can leave a comment as myself.  If I have to try to sign in on my "google account" to leave the comment, it won't allow me to do so.  It just continues to log me out and around and around it goes.  Am I the only one this is happening to or am I suddenly not doing something right?  I have even changed up my blog's comment settings to allow "anonymous" comments in case others are dealing with this same issue.  HELP!!


Corrina said...

Some folks put a lot of work into their patriotic food!

mommy2luke2008 said...

I am having the same problem with the blogs that have the comment form right on the post. If it is a pop up comment form like you have I can comment with no problems. This has been going on for weeks with me. I changed my comments to pop up just in case anyone else was having the same problem too. It's frustrating and really getting on my nerves! But no, you are not the only one :/

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Mommy 2 Luke,
Thank you for the comment and making me feel not so alone. And yes what you said is exactly my problem. There have been many times where I have gone to comment on someone's blog and relized it wouldn't post. That is the part I find frustrating.

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

That's so annoying with Blogger!! Sorry to hear you're having problem!! I am ALL for sharing the comment love!!! :) THANK YOU for featuring our Strawberry Flags! Great other goodness in the mix! Drooool... ;) Love your fun blog!! I'm your newest follower :)


Justin said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Shea Kang said...

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