Sunday, June 5, 2011

Door Decoration Ideas

From reader Alicia (thru e-mail) I was sent the following door decoration ideas...
The students' faces were punched out {in a circle} and glued to an apple.  Apples look like they were probably purchased through a teacher store or website because of the red and green color as seen.  (They may have been part of a bulletin board set too.)  If you are on a budget, you could try punching out your own apples on a die cut machine or Cricut cutter.
 Another idea Alicia suggested, but she didn't have a picture for was the following idea:
"The one that I don't have a picture of was called "A bunch of us think you're grape." Each student had their picture in a grape. The grapes were bunched along with twisty tendrils and the sun.
Thanks Alicia for sharing!!

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