Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Math Center

Making Learning Fun has some great St. Patrick's Day math ideas to use for centers.  I like to meet with my 1st grade students in small settings as opposed to teaching it whole group.  For me, that allows me to see more clearly who is "getting it" and who isn't.  I like to do 3 math rotations with 6 students per group.  I happen to be using the roll and color addition game this afternoon.

I explain my centers at the rug whole group first and then send them to their tables.  I am at one of the "centers" to work on math from their math book.  Yes...I am the boring center, but the one that has to be done.  My others centers usually consist of a game, activity, or a (dare I say the word) worksheet to  go along with the concept being taught.  I usually have directions typed up to go along with the game so that if kids have questions (and I am busy) they can be reminded of how to play.
Here are the directions to this game:

Roll and Color St. Patrick’s Day
 Items needed to play: 
Pot of gold paper – 1 per person
2 dice per partner

Roll 2 dice and add the numbers together.  If the answer IS NOT already colored, then you may color it.  If the answer IS already colored, then your turn is over.  The first person to color all the coins and the pot is the winner.

How do you teach math??

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