Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucky Charm Graphs

I have noticed in my Live Feedjit feed lately (yes, I do look there from time to time) that a lot of you out there are searching for a lucky charms graph for elementary aged students.  Well...I have what you are looking for.  Actually, I have found what you are looking for!  I posted about a place where I found one before, but I have since found two others.

What the Teacher Wants has a complete St. Patrick's Day Unit ready to download (for FREE) and it is filled with fun things.  You will find a Lucky Charms graph among many other things.
Another great blog that has super ideas is Stay and Play.  She is a temporarily retired teacher (that's what I use to all myself) as she stays home to raise her kids.  She also shares a great St. Patrick's Day unit (for FREE).  There is a Lucky Charm graph inside her unit as well.

I can't believe how many wonderful and inspiring teacher blogs I have come across lately!  Make sure to tell these ladies thank you if you use their units.  It is amazing the hard work they put into these units (and others) and are willing to share.  THANK YOU both!!


Holly said...

Thanks Allison. I'm glad you found a few activities that might be useful to you and your readers. I've found many fun ideas through your blog.

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