Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Party Ideas

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, if you are currently a room parent or in charge of a party, you may be going into panic mode.  Hopefully a few of the following ideas will ease some stress.
How about a new rendition of pin the tail on the donkey?  Try "pin the lips on the teacher"!!  The Teacher's Wife has a FREE lips pattern you could even use.  Just print it out and have the students color and write their names on the lips!
Mom On Time Out shows you exactly how to create Hershey Kiss Roses.  I think these would be fun for kids to make and take home to their moms as a surprise.  You could even give a bouquet of these to your teacher, friends, etc.
Check out these super cute (Valentine) robots made from a juice box.
Source:  Gifts That Say Wow!
How about making some Love Bugs from The Decorated Cookie.
Speaking of Love about a Love Bug hat to go along with the {above} treat?
Source:  Glue Dots
Need a game?  Here is one from It Matters called Cupid's Arrow. 
Basically what you do is you set {heart shaped if you have them} bowls across the room and place some tape on the floor so the kids will know where to stand.    The kids then load their "arrows" (straws) with a Q-tip one at a time and blow them out, aiming for the bowl across the room.  The team or person with the most Q-tips in the bowl at the end of the time is the winner!
And finally, from Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade, she has a fabulous post about some ideas that came from her Valentine's class party.  I'm talking a Minute to Win It game, Heart Lava, and another called Broken Heart.  If you still haven't found an idea that interests you from my above suggestions, you need to check out these party ideas.  I think not only does the name "heart lava" sound cute, but so does the game!


applesandabcs said...

The love bugs are adorable!

Apples and ABC's

Darci Dowdle said...

HI Allson,
Thanks so much for passing along Cupid's Arrowl That was so fun to get your comment, what a fun site you have. I will be coming back soon:)

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