Friday, February 10, 2012

Easy DIY Valentine Treat Ideas

From Fiskars:

This reminds me of the Christmas gift my son gave his friends for Christmas, which said, "I hope your Christmas ROCKS!"...FYI I recently found a 3 pack of Pop Rocks at the Dollar Store in case you are searching for some!

"I've got a CRUSH on you!" from Monograms and Manicures.  The gift tag has already been created.  
All you need to do is print and sign your name!
"Dear HONEY, won't you BEE mine?"  from Make It Do.
Since honey can be a little pricey, maybe save that gift for a teacher, neighbor or friend.  If you're set on the whole "BEE mine" theme, you could give Bit-O-Honey candies instead.
If you're looking for something catchy and non-edible, buy a package of soldiers from the dollar store and attach a note saying "Love is a battlefield!", "All is fair in love and war!", or "I can't FIGHT this feeling anymore!"...try saying the last saying without singing it! 
Source:  Jacolyn Murphy
From Living with Three Moon Babies, comes this great little gumballs machine that reads "I CHEWS you!"  You can download the gumball machines on her site to create your own.


Kinderpond said...

I made those monkey ones a few weeks back for birthday party favors. I used my hand punches and they looked awesome! :)


P.S. My friend thought we were going to trace and cut them buggers out- I used a heart punch for the face. So much easier!

Alexis said...

Thank you so much for posting my army men!

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