Monday, January 30, 2012

Tacky the Penguin Sequencing Activity

Since coming back from Christmas break, my class has been learning about penguins and other arctic animals.  We just finished up this unit, but before it came to a close I thought I would complete my 2nd lesson for my yearly principal evaluation.  I decided to tie in what we have been learning about in our reading program (sequencing) to what we have been learning about in class (penguins), and thus Lesson 2 (Literacy) was created.
When learning about penguins we read both fiction and nonfiction books and so of course I had to throw Tacky the Penguin somewhere into the mix!  I saw this anchor chart from Life in First Grade and decided to change it to the story we read, which of course was Tacky the Penguin.
I premade the anchor chart with everything you see above, except for the blue writing of first, next, then and last.  That part we did as a class after discussing elements of the story.  I gave each student 4 index cards and we began to break apart the story.  We talked about what happened first in the story and came up with the important thing being that Tacky was an odd bird.  The students wrote that on index card #1.  Next we discussed what happened next or secondly in the story and wrote that on index card #2 and so on until all 4 index cards were filled up.  The students then went back to their seats and were each given a 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper and told to fold it in half "hotdog" way.  They wrote the title of the book on the front along with their name.
 When the students opened their paper, they were to glue their 4 index cards down on the left side in order or events.  Then they were given 4 more index cards to draw a picture to match up with the event described in the story.  The kids had fun with this activity and I thought it was a fun twist on learning more on sequencing.


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pengtchr said...

thanks for sharing! I just love Tacky!