Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Bulletin Board

Even though January is half way through, you can still use this idea for a few more weeks, or store it away for next year.  One thing about me, is that I love scrapbooking, being crafty and doing art (with my students), but changing out the bulletin board may be one of my LEAST  favorite parts of teaching.  I love looking at what others do in class and display on their bulletin boards, but with everything else there is to do as a teacher, I feel it falls to the back burner sometimes.  So, with that in mind, I like to keep the ideas simple and preferably last for a month or longer.  In fact, if you look at the background for my bulletin boards, you may even notice to same butcher paper ALL YEAR LONG! lol  At least I am saving paper right!?!
I actually saw this art idea on where else, but Pinterest!  (The idea came from Oopsey Daisy.)  When I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it! 

First we read the book Snowmen At Night by Mark Buehner (great book by the way!)  I had a parent volunteer in class that day to help, so I decided it would be a perfect day for a potentially messy art project.  After reading the story, I called about 5 students over to my kidney table at a time to make their snowmen.  The other students stayed at their seats cutting their "extras" out, such as scarf, carrot nose, etc. out of scrap paper.  Truthfully, had I had any scrap fabric on hand at the time, we would have used that for the scarfs.  The kids didn't seem to notice or mind though.  I had my parent volunteer walk around the students to ask what their snowman did at night.  She then wrote their responses on a post it note so they could copy it onto their already printed out paper.  (Their paper said:  "My snowman _____________ at night.") 
I must say that I enjoyed this activity and can see myself using it again in the future, however the next time around I would like to involve more writing.  I think that by mid-year my students could have written a story to go along with their snowman, but like I said that will have to wait until next year. 
The snowmen were created by mixing approximately equal parts of shaving cream to Elmer's glue.  The students painted their snowman with their choice of a popsicle stick or their fingers onto a 8 x 8 piece of blue construction paper.  Before their snowman dried, they attached googly eyes, carrot nose and anything else they wanted to add.  Once the snowmen were dried, we backed them with a 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 sheet of white cardstock for more support.  I couldn't believe how soft and fluffy looking the snowmen dried!  The hardest part has been keeping the students from touching their masterpieces as they have been on display in the hall!  The kids were definitely proud of their projects!
Here are a few up close shots:

"My snowman delivers presents at night."
"My snowman goes sledding at night."

"My snowman feeds my horse at night."


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