Thursday, January 26, 2012

100th Day of School

If you are an elementary teacher, primarily grades K-2, you know just how important the 100th day of school is!  In my classroom we keep track on a 100's chart how many days we have been in school, including adding a popsicle stick to the ones pocket and then bundling at each 10.  Trust me, my kids KNOW when the 100th day of school is!!  That crazy day just happened to fall yesterday and can I just say how sad I am.  The reason you ask?  I thought I was totally prepared with my camera for some good pictures for our class end of the year video, but in truth my camera's memory stick was not in my camera and would not work for me. :(  Here are 2 pictures that I snapped today of projects that were left in the classroom...
One project was to make a classbook of what the kids would buy if they had $100.  Some of the answers included a horse, a limousine, a truck, and a fancy place to live, but this student must be thinking more of the future!
 We made these hats (which now I can't remember where they were found.  Let me know if you know.)
 The headband was a strip of 2 x 18 construction paper.  Before stapling the hat together, the kids had to write to 100 using tally marks.  Surprisingly, they thought it was really fun math!
If you are in need of a hat design, here is a link to a 100th day of school crown from The Virtual Vine.

Ok so this is where you use your imagination to visualize the other activities.  For a snack, I surprised the kids when they came back in from recess with a "100" on their desks made from a wafer cookie and 2 donut holes. 
We also played this math game from Making Learning Fun.  I shrunk the 2 pages down so they fit side by side on one paper and had the kids play the game in partners.  (Click the link above for directions on how to play.)
The kids were each asked to bring in 100 items that fit inside of a paper lunch sack I provided.  On the front of the bag I had stapled a paper explaining what were doing, but basically the kids were to write 3 clues of what was in the sack so we could guess.  Once everyone had a turn, we shared all the items so the kids could take home a piece of everyone's collection.  I think this was my students' favorite activity!  Yesterday was such a fun day, and one that my students had been looking forward to for...well...100 days!

If the 100th day of school is equally important to you or your students, here are a few ideas I have come across:
* Make a classbook using one of the following ideas: 
I would like to have 100 _________ , but I would not like to have 100 __________ .
If I had $100, I would buy ___________ .
In 100 days of school, I have learned how to __________ .
* Have the students fill out a blank 100's chart...good assessment tool too!
* Do 100 math problems.
* Have the students make posters using 100 items.  Here are a few I came across...
100 sugar cubes makes an igloo.

100 gumballs

OR you could use this FREE gumball printable from Plum Adorable.

100 Flowers (Idea from Circle of Quiet)

Here's an easy one you could put together at the last minute...10 hand prints!

Looking for a super cute bulletin art project?  This one was put together by Mrs. Williamson in Room 36.

Still need more ideas?  Check out my 100th Day of School board on Pinterest.  Hope you have a happy and hectic 100th day of school too!


Jodi said...

Super cute!!


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Thanks for the shout out!

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