Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Room Parent Tool!!

When I first began this blog, my primary purpose was to reach out to room parents in hopes of helping them out, since I was new and clueless to being a room mom myself.  I had the hardest time finding ideas (door decorations, parties, and more) so I decided to create my own site to help others in the same boat. Since that time, 3 years ago, I have returned to teaching (1st grade) full time.  My blog still shares ideas and tips for room parents, but it also offers teaching ideas.  I guess that is why my header says "Room Mom 101...where you can find ideas for ALL your school needs".  Hopefully my blog has and does help people do just that.  I feel like it does by all your nice comments and great followers I have now!!  You guys are GREAT!  Anyway...At the beginning of summer, I had the great opportunity of gaining a sponsor for my blog. A representative from Volunteer Spot contacted me in regards to my blog. (You might have noticed the green button in the top right corner of my blog?!?)  She told me all about her site and how it could greatly benefit Room Parents everywhere.

Looking back on being a room mom, one of the most time consuming parts of being was scheduling parents for class volunteers, holiday parties, and conferences. Lost clipboard signup sheets, long ‘reply all’ email chains, and phone tag – ugh! Some room moms give up and end up doing it all themselves. DON’T!
Instead, save time {and sanity} and try out VolunteerSpot's free online sign up sheets – it makes coordinating parents simple and easy! Just a few clicks of your mouse and you can have your class volunteer calendar all set up. Email the parents the link (or put it on your class website), they click and sign up – choosing when they want to read to the class, help at table-time, or what to bring to the class party. Automated reminders help parents keep their commitments and remind you if a parent doesn’t have an email address. Parents can even signup on the go – from their smartphone! It’s so easy it feels like you cheated ;)
VolunteerSpot has terrific free eBooks including a new Classroom Party Guide – with fun ideas throughout the year!
Volunteer Spot has made life much easier for many room parents AND teachers.  Check out some of these comments:

"I'm a HUGE VolunteerSpot fan - we signed up over 350 volunteers and it could NOT have been easier!" ~ Allie, Highlands SummerFest, Atlanta, GA

"Wow! You have saved me hours and hours of emails and phone calls. Thank you, VolunteerSpot!" ~ Joyce F., Kindergarten Homeroom Mom, Farifax, VA

"VolunteerSpot has been the answer to my prayers for an easy way to have parents sign up for a parent-teacher conference!! It was easy to create and easy for parents to use. It really cut down on paper and notes back and forth." ~ Jennifer, 4th Grade Teacher, Apex, NC

I am so excited to have such a great sponsor! They have been great to work with and I absolutely LOVE the idea behind this site.  If this is your year to be your child's room parent, or if you are a teacher looking for a new approach to scheduling conferences, head on over and check out Volunteer Spot!


Mrs. Giglio said...

Thanks for the info and site! I checked it out and it was really easy to set up! I think this could be really useful this year! Im going to try it out.

Jillian Giglio


Reagan Tunstall said...

I found you too! Looks like I will be busy on your blog! :)
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas said...

Thanks for sharing these information!

Heather951 said...

A friend passed your blog onto me....I'm a room mom this year...thanks to your blog....it gave me the idea to decorate the teacher's door for her birthday! :)