Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All About ME

So this post isn't really all about ME, but it is filled with "All About Me" get to know you activities for the first of the school year.

Simply 2nd Resources created this great "All About Me" foldable book.  Check it out to see just how fun it would be to use!  I totally love it!

Here is a FREE "All About Me" poster download from Step Into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons.  She copies this poster onto an 11 x 17 piece of paper so that it is just like the ones you BUY at the store!  What a great freebie.  These posters are always a lot of fun to use around birthday times!

For older grades, you could make one of these All About Me paper bag books!  This ideas is from Mrs. Sloane's Creations.
Your students can create an "All About Me" doll to represent themselves. 
(This idea was found on Dresses N Messes.)

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