Friday, October 23, 2009

Witch's Brew

This eerie green brew is best made by mixing a yellow beverage with a blue beverage. Try using Mountain Dew, Gatorade, or Lemonade for the yellow beverage. Blue Kool-Aid or blue sports drinks work well for the blue liquid. Your goal is a radioactive shade of green, so keep adding a little bit of each colored drink until you get the right mix. Pour the punch into a plastic witch's cauldron (available at discount and holiday stores). To keep the punch cold, try any of these ice ideas:
* Wash and fill a plastic latex glove with ginger ale, tie it at the wrist and freeze it. Remove the frozen "hand" from the glove and float it in the punch.
* Place small plastic spider rings into ice cube trays, and fill the trays with water. That way, every drink will contain a small party favor, too.
* Place a gummy worm in each cell of an ice cube tray, add ginger ale, and freeze the tray to create tasty, creepy-crawly ice cubes.

OR, here is another recipe for BAT'S BREW:

Make "Bat Brew" by filling 7-up and grape juice in a punch bowl and putting in scoops of green sherbet. This looks awful when the sherbet starts to melt but even the parents go back for seconds because it tastes so yummy. Serve it with a gummy worm hanging off the side of the cup.


Mel said...

Sounds disgustingly delicious!! We will have to try this at our upcoming Halloween party. Thanks for sharing!

Dusty said...

My mom did this for parties at school when I was a kid, except she put a punch bowl inside the cauldron and then cooled it with dry ice so it bubbled and smoked.