Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Food Ideas

Mousse filled wtiches hats, bat wing soup, and jack-o-lantern pancakes are just a few of the fun Halloween recipes you will find HERE.

There are many other spooky and yummy looking Halloween treats found at Super Punch.

I think the Invisible Pops look like a fun and creative treat for a Halloween scare!

A page full of Halloween recipes at Britta. Including:

Brittle (Meringue) Bones

The Food Network has plenty of great food ideas too!

Check out Delish for even more spooky dishes.

A site for sore eyes, and other ideas are at Wilton's.

Here is a Frankenmallow idea, where the kids can help make these spooky creations. More Halloween ideas can be found at Family Corner, including crafts, coloring pages and more!

I am sure there are many more great ideas out there. If you have something to share, let me know. Otherwise...happy baking!

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olof said...

check out the full-size edible mummy on too! Enjoy!