Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tomb of Gloom

As part of some of my Halloween parties in the past, I use to have what I called the Tomb of Gloom. I put a table in the hall with a sheet over the items so the kids couldn't see what was on the table. I then had a parent volunteer supervise the table. One at a time, the kids would stick their hand under the sheet and feel around. For example, one item they were to touch were "eyeballs", but they were really peeled grapes. The kids always had a good time with this and it was funny to watch their reactions and hear their guesses on what the items really were. If you are interested in incorporating The Tomb of Gloom into your party this year, here are some ideas that have been used before...

Eyeballs - Peeled Grapes
Fingers - Carrots/Baby Carrots
Teeth - Dried Beans
Ears - Dried Apricots
Intestines - Cooked Spaghetti Noodles
Stomach/Fat - Jell-O

The Tomb of Gloom always ended with a bowl or pot of warm soap water (to rinse their hands off). The kids were told it was a pot of acid or witch's brew (for the added effect.) Be creative and I am sure you can think of more items to add!

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