Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Here are some sites and ideas I have come across from the web. With teacher appreciation week not far from now, I thought that I would start thinking of ideas now.

Tip Junkie of course always has great ideas!

From Sugardoodle:

For a gift to the teachers, use a clear cellophane sack with one package of graham crackers, Hershey candy bar and marshmallows on top. Then include a note that it read "We need s'more teachers like you!"

Sundae Bath Salts

Get some fortune cookies and dip them in chocolate (dip just one side). Put them in cellophane bags with a pretty bow and a card attached that will say "It's been our good fortune to have you as our teacher".

Attach this poem to a small sponge with a ribbon tied around it:Children are like sponges.They absorb your knowledge,they sap your strength,they soak up your resources and drain your energy -but with one big squeeze,they give it all back.

(From the PTA to the teachers) Attach the following poem to a 100 Grand candy bar:"To our million dollar teachers, we appreciate you a lot.You're worth a million dollars,But our budget's almost shot.We scraped together 100 Grand Please accept it as your pay.Keep up the great teaching And have a Happy Day!"

Creative sayings from Skip to My Lou.

I will have to dig through some of my files from the past and add some of my own ideas later.


Anonymous said...

Either purchase or use a "create a craft" hand mirror. Attach a card that says"

"You are looking at one INCREDIBLE teacher"

cm-nicolle said...

at the preschool my kids go to, we collect money and take the staff out to lunch and give them each a gift card. we also pick and theme and have the kids make artwork for the teachers.
I have been on this committee off and on over the last 8 years. Trying to come up with the theme seems to be the hardest.

Past Themes:
• You are the APPLE of our eye.
• We have a BALL at school.
• Thank you for SHAPING our future.
• Thank you for giving us a helping HAND.
• Thanks for helping us GROW.

Other ideas:
• Thank you for helping me SOAR.
• Thanks for showing us the LIGHT
• Thanks for making our lives BRIGHTER.
• We’re NUTS about our teachers.
• Our Teachers are LIFE SAVERS.
• Thanks for PLANTING the SEEDS of knowledge.
• You have a special place in our HEARTS.
• Hugs and Kisses for all you do.
• Thanks for all your TIME.
• You are O'FISH'ally Awesome.
• Thank you for helping us HARVEST our potential.