Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun Easter Ideas

Some more fun ideas for Easter I have come across are: (this is the last Easter post...this year and then I will move on. Promise.)

Egg a House. The nice way.

This looks like such a fun idea...more a neighbor idea than relating to school, but still fun.

From Skip to My Lou:
Bunny Egg Holder

Bunny Treat Bags

Make a bunny hat by using a paper plate.

Click HERE for the instructions and click HERE for the template.

From Family Fun:
An Egg Shirt

Party Carrots

Bunny Tangrams

On a side note, (not dealing with Easter) when I was a teacher, I use to incorporate tangram activities every once in a while into the classroom. They can be used as a math activity or to go along with a book, such as Grandfather Tang's Story.

Here is an online (free) copy of the story if you are interested.

HERE is one more fun Easter site with crafts, recipes, and ideas.


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