Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Listening Eggs

This activity would be good for: Preschool-kindergarten/Special Education

1 empty Egg Carton
12 Colored Plastic Eggs

Objects to place inside eggs such as small rocks, sand, paper clips, erasers, beans, beads, etc. If there are concerns the student may place the objects in their mouth, the eggs can be hot glued closed or taped.

Place two similar objects into 2 eggs. Numbers the eggs and record what is in each egg. Place the eggs in a small basket and have the kids "listen" to the eggs to match the sounds. Have the kids then put the matches in the egg carton, side by side. Have the kids continue doing this u until all eggs are matched. You can check the kids' work by looking at your answer key or having them open the eggs to discover for themselves. You could even have the kids try to guess what each sound is.

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