Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gifts (for coaches, secretaries and parent helpers)

Judging from the title of this post, I hope I haven't left anyone out!  Whew!  What a mouth full!!  In case you aren't aware, today is secretary appreciation day.  Don't worry I am posting this in the morning so you still have time to get something together.  This year I decided to make a class book for each of my elementary school's 2 secretaries.  The pages in the book say:  "I think you're a great secretary because you __________ ."  I was a little nervous of the first grader's responses! :)  Here are a few samples:
...are funny and really nice.

...give us cookies.
I also included a little treat (Skor candy bar) with a tag that read:  "Our school really SKORed when we got you for a secretary!"  My daughter who is in middle school wanted to take some to her school's secretaries too.  Nothing like showin' a little love!
My same daughter recently completed her basketball season.  The season lasted forever and her coaches were both super cute.  Both coaches are young moms and with the hours of time they spent coaching games, driving to games and attending practices, we wanted to do something to show how much we appreciated their willingness to help out.  I came across this teacher gift idea thru Simply Savvy, and decided to change it up a bit to make it more coach friendly.  A few changes in the words, and wa-la:

 I grabbed two clear plastic paint cans from Michael's craft store for $2.00 each and filled them with candy (as labeled on the tag). 
Last, but definitely not least, I made my parent volunteer some thank you gifts.  This idea comes from Event Trender.  Put a green apple and jar of homemade dip in a clear cello bag, add a tag and hopefully it gets the message across of just how much I have loved and appreciated my parent volunteers this year!
See?  I told you...amazing helpers...9 to be exact!


Alice Hohl said...

I came across your post after realizing that April 24 is secretaries' day! I liked the idea of making something personalized for the school secretary and found a bunch of inexpensive gifts on that can be added to the homemade gifts from this post! Pins and personalized ornaments (like the ones here: great for accessorizing. Thanks for the cute ideas!

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