Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Target Finds Last Week

I have seen a lot of others (mainly teachers) "show-n-tell" about their Target and or dollar store finds.  Since I came across some great stuff I thought I would share in case you can find any of this at your local stores.  The pictures from above are the items I bought from Target:
1.  Dr. Seuss erasers.  I also bought these last year and gave them to my students during Dr. Seuss Week.  They were  a big hit with the kids, and for less than $0.20 each I didn't think they were a bad grab either!
2.  Totes.  These work perfectly during centers or if you have your students grouped at tables.  Stick some scissors, glue, and pencils inside and your students will have easy access to supplies.
3.  A pocket chart...great for so many things!
4.  Bingo games.  These games were only $1 each.  Can you believe it?  I grabbed one of each of the choices.  (Math Bingo - addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division practice, Alphabet Bingo - see # 5 and Time Bingo - which turned out to be more advanced than the suggested 5+ age on on the box.  In first grade, we are only responsible to teach whole and half hour times, while this game works with all time.  Perfect for the older grades though!)
5.  Sample cards from the Alphabet Bingo (as mentioned above).  I think this game might have been my favorite find.  The game works with beginning, middle and final word sounds, along with naming the missing letter from the sequence.  Perfect for a center!
6.  File Bin.  These are great to use for storing and organizing all kinds of things, but I plan to use mine for organizing my personal books.  Even though these bins were $2.50 each, I still thought they were a great deal for getting organized the way I want!


Anonymous said...

We have items similar at Michael's arts and craft. Teacher's with ID can receive a 15% discount. Love your ideas.

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Great to know! Thank you for the suggestion.