Monday, June 14, 2010

Money Shirt & Tool Belt Filled with Treats

I just came across a fun new blog called Craft Critters.  They featured 2 really cute and creative ideas for Father's Day.
1.  A Money Shirt...really people...who doesn't like to get money? 

2.  A candy tool belt pouch.  I love how this project turned out and how she made the paper look like leather.  Much better looking than just throwing some treats into a gift bag.  Very cute!!


Valerie said...

These are cute!

Thanks for posting...I wasn't sure you'd be doing so with it being summer vacation and all... Yay!

caleen said...

Thank you for featuring me!

Becki Madsen said...

Hi Allison! Of course I do not mind at all if you share the guess who idea of mine! Thank you for telling me! Your blog is so great, filled with so many wonderful ideas! I am excited to check back often!

Justin said...

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