Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations

With teacher appreciation week quickly on the way, here are some ideas to get you thinking. These {2} pictures were taken last year at our school and I am just getting around to posting them. I will share more as I get them. Don't forget to visit all my other teacher appreciation ideas for more suggestions and tips.  If you have any ideas, tips, pictures or suggestions to share, let me know so I can feature your ideas too!


Valerie said...

I need tutorials on the flower basket! It is so cute!

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I wish I had a tutorial, but I didn't decorate the flower door. I will try to tell you what I think was done though, but change it anyway you like to make it easier to do.
1. Use butcher paper (the paper on a roll - should be available at your school) and cover the door.
2. Use a smaller piece of butcher paper and wrap/roll/fold it to create a basket look.
3. Cut strips of green paper and curl it by wrapping the paper around a pencil.
4. Draw stems and then draw or attach flowers, like what you might find at the craft store. (Actually there is a pretty good selection at the $1 store too!)
Like I said, change it to your liking, this is just an idea to get the wheels turning. This door also had packets of seeds glued all over. Hope this helps a little!

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Just a side could also try printing out a picture of a basket to use or maybe even use a real one, although I don't know how well that would work!

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

Yes you can feature my post. Thanks for asking. Hope you look around my blog a bit. I am follower now of yours. I should have been a teacher...maybe some day I'll get my license until now I am 1st grade room mom volunteer! Take care. Staci