Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quick & Easy St. Patrick's Days Snacks

Here are a couple of quick and easy ideas for serving up a snack this St. Patrick's Day.  Remember anything green works!
*Green fruit such as grapes, kiwi, green apple, and honey dew melon, served with yogurt dip
*Raw green vegetables such as green beans, celery and cucumber, served with dip.
*Cheese sandwiches or quesadillas cut with a shamrock cookie cutter.
*Green Jell-O.  Pour the gelatin into clear plastic cups before chilling so the kids can see the green.  Can top with marshmallows or whipped cream if desired.
Tonight with dinner, I plan to serve lucky lime drinks.  I have never tried one before, but it looks like the same idea as the root beer float.  If you want to give it a try too, here's what to do:

Put one, or two small scoops of lime sherbet in a clear glass ice cream cup. Pour 7-Up over the sherbet. Add a spoonful of whipped cream, green sugar sprinkles and a green maraschino cherry!


Anonymous said...

It's a little late now, but if anyone is stocking away ideas for next year... I teach kindergarten, and today my room mom brought the cutest St. Patty's day snack. In a circular pan, she added strawberries, orange segments, pineapple chunks, green apples, blueberries, and grapes. She then sprinkled mini marshmallows over part of it to look like clouds. Then, she had a small bowl of sliced bananas for the gold under the rainbow. Too cute - and the kids loved it!

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I love that idea. I just stumbled across that same idea in the Family Fun magazine yesterday. It looked adorable and yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

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