Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Math Games with a Deck of Cards

I must apologize. First of all, as promised, with summer here I have done very little with this blog. My kids are out of school, which means my mind is also off from school thoughts. (Along with the fact that I feel I haven't been near a computer as often as I am use to!)
Yesterday I decided to check out my blog when I discovered that I was given my first award. I am totally flattered and excited about such a nomination. The best part was that the girls (Sisters Stuff) who gave me the award left a comment so that I could check out their never-seen-by-me blog. It is such a fun blog with terrific ideas. Yeah for blogging!
Anyway...the reason for rambling is to point out their super great math ideas using a deck of cards. Included are ideas for addition, fractions, greater than/less than, etc. Check it out! I also came across Let's Play Math with even more ideas for a deck of cards.
A few years ago I went to a math & literacy training and was given a stack of great ideas. I will be sharing those games/ideas, as soon as I can find which box they are in. (After moving last year, I still haven't unpacked my teaching things.)
More to come soon!...hopefully. If not, it's SUMMER and you have been warned.


Deb said...

I use decks of cards for all of my math centers in first grade and LOVE what the kids learn when they are playing! I am excited to look through your blog. I already have a list of ideas started. . .the first being that awesome "Take a Chance" jar!

And may I suggest peanut butter and maple syrup on your french toast?! YUM!

michaeledlavitch said...

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