Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You Ideas for Classroom Helpers

One more thought before the school year comes to an end. As a room mom, I don't expect anything from the teacher...I did it so that I could help out and be involved with my son's class. However, when I was a teacher, I liked to give a little something to the parents who helped during the school year to let them know how much their help meant to me. So...If you are a teacher looking for a way to thank your room mom, parent helpers, etc. here are a few suggestions:

* Thank you for all the EXTRA help this year! You have been such a LIFE SAVER to me! - Extra gum & Life Savers
* Thanks for giving me a HAND this year! - lotion
* Thanks for CHIPPIN' in to make this year a success! - Bag of chips
* Don't UNO you have been a huge help to me this year?!? - Uno candy bar or card game
* Thanks for all your hard work. It has MINT a lot to me!
* You have been out of this world with all the help you provided this year! - Milky Way

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Williams Family said...

Great Ideas! I'm a first grade teacher and I will definitely use these ideas to thank my classroom volunteers this year! I couldn't have done it without them this year! Thanks!
Tammy- Camp Zama, Japan