Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teacher Thank You Gifts

Doesn't this look like fun? A beach towel, suntan lotion and an Oprah magazine. Looks relaxing to me! The idea was featured on Tip Junkie, along with some other great ideas.

Here are a few more teacher appreciation ideas that were found on Studio 5 in case your child's school year isn't quite over and you like all these cute corny sayings.
• "Thanks for being an AWesome teacher!" (A&W rootbeer wrapped up with candy)
• "We've got to HAND it to you - you've been a great teacher!" (a pair of "Gloveables" - one of Oprah's Favorite Things)
• "Thanks for giving me a HANDS on experience this year!" (handprints stuck on a bottle of hand sanitizer)
• "Teacher, you ROCK!" (candy rocks)
• "LEI back and enjoy your day - you deserve it!" (Hawaiian themed candy bag, tied with lei)
• "Thanks a BUZZillion for BEEing a great teacher!" (bee themed cellophane bag with gift inside)
• "A child's mind is a lot like JELLO - you have to add all of the ingredients before it sets." (package of JELLO)
• "Thanks for working hard to plant SEEDS of knowledge in our classroom this year." (a mini pot filled with candy and a packet of flower seeds with flower balloon attached)

This movie gift basket looks super cute if you have some time to spare. If you want to tutorial on how this was done, click HERE.


melissa b said...

I am looking for a retirment gift idea for my son's second grade teacher. She has been a teacher for 36 years and I would like to have all the parents of her last class to help out and do something special for her. Any ideas?

Aaron [air] said...

I have a great idea using snow cone stuff...email if interested!