Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Card Box

On Monday, my daughter came home from school (4th grade) and told me that she had to come up with a Valentine Card Box and that they were going to judge them and have a contest at her class party. I decided to try my trusty resource guide...the Internet, but I was hardly able to come up with anything, so instead we brainstormed. Here is a list of ideas we came up with in case you are struggling too. A locker, a candy bar, a lion, a TV, a car, a purse made from a 5 quart icecream bucket, and a hot air balloon (which was the runner up)-(tie a helium filled balloon to each side of a basket or shoebox or icecream bucket). Ultimately, both kids decided on an I-pod, which made things easy for me. Here are the results:

In the past I have made, a bug catching net (my son loves animals):

My daughter and I also made a fishbowl when she was in Kindergarten. It was super easy and she had fun being able to take part. I bought one of those paper mache containers from Roberts Crafts and painted blue squiggly lines for the water. We added more to it by painting a top coat of glitter paint on top of the blue paint. Then my daughter attached fish foam stickers and little diamond gems for bubbles.

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