Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Phrases

If you are needing some cute phrases for friends, teachers, neighbors, church, etc., here are some ideas I have come across. (Some of these ideas were featured on the show Studio 5. My kids chose to use the gum and squeeze it one for their class parties this year.
* Pop Rocks: Valentine, you ROCK!
* You Rule! - Attach to a ruler or Fruit By The Foot
* Gum: We "chews" you to be our Valentine!
* Gummy Bears/Teddy Grahams, etc: "Bag of bear hugs", "You're unbearably cute!", "Join the cub!", "I can't bear being without you!"
* Squeeze-it kids drink: Valentine, Will you be my SQUEEZE?
* Put a can of FANTA soda in a cellophane bag with some taffy and chocolate: "Make my FANTA-sy come true … Be my Valentine!"
* Swedish fish: "It's O-FISH-al! I'm in love! Will you be mine" or "You're O-FISH-ally the best kid around … Happy Valentine's Day" or "FISHing a Happy Valentine's to the best CATCH around!"
* Soda: "You are SODA special! Happy Valentine's Day!"
* Wrap a can of Pringles to look like a stick of dynamite: "I think you are DYNAMITE! TNT!"
* Tie a tag to a bottle of root beer: "Go ahead, kick up those heels! Have a ROOTIN'-TOOTIN BOOT-SCOOTIN Valentine's Day!"
* Tied to a purse: "Happy Valentine's Day to someone with a cute PURSE-onality! Luv ya!"
* A bottle filled with candy: "My love for you has been BOTTLED up for too long … so here it is! I love you!"
* Tied to a can of Crush soda: "I've got a CRUSH on you!"

I decided to make something for the kids' teachers. Here is what we came up with:

Instead of the phrase, To a pop!-pop!-pop!-ular teacher you could use:I don't mean to be corny, but you're the greatest! OR I'm e-kernel-ly yours. I got the idea from ...where they have plenty more great ideas! (Click here for the template)


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