Sunday, July 15, 2012

Math Wall Ideas

Seeing math vocabulary, pictures, examples and items around the classroom lets the students know just how important math is.  Not only that, but I think it also gives students a place to refer to if there is a question and they are too afraid to ask.  Here are some ideas, pictures and examples of how teachers are incorporating math into their classrooms.

The Teacher's Wife has this Math Wall at the front of her classroom for the students to refer to easily.  BTW if you love the Math Wall banner, she has included a free download of it.
Mrs. Cooper's Patriot Place uses this bulletin board as a calendar place.  I love the phrase written across the top:  Every Day Counts!
Check out Teacher Bits & Bobs Mighty Math Board.  The 9 cards you see to the right side of the board are concepts the students review daily.  The cards are laminated and the problems can be changed out daily.  Love it!  If you love it too, swing by her blog to grab your own free set of cards!
I don't have a link to this picture, but here's another concept using the common core as a math wall.  I would laminate all the strips you see so that you could easily wipe of the information or change it out on a daily basis.
If your goal is to have your studnets pass off their math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division), you may want to set up a bulletin board like one of these. 
Poppin' Through Our Math Facts comes from Teacher Web.  Once all the students have mastered their facts, they are treated to a popcorn party.
Having A Ball With Math Facts from Peace, Love and 1st Grade.
To accompany this bulletin board, this packet from Made For 1st Grade would work perfect!  It is $8.00 on TpT and works for addition and subtraction mastery.
When I taught 3rd grade, my class used the Olympics as a theme for passing off times tables.  I will save that for another post.
If you have a word wall specific for math words only, here is a free math wall header you could use from Classroom Freebies.  Unfortunately, the words aren't included.
No worries though. First Grade Fanatic has got you covered with these free first grade common core math vocabulary cards.

Monday, July 2, 2012

10 Frames

For some reason 10 Frames can be a hard concept for 1st greaders to grasp.  That's why I would love to print these cards out and hang them in my classroom!  Unfortunately I don't know who created these since there was only a link to the google docs. from Pinterest.
Or to conserve a little space, this 10 frames poster idea from Kindergarten Doodles seems easy enough to recreate.
Teacher Time Savers offered this FREE numberal-word-picture set of number cards, including directions to 2 activities you could do with these cards.

Deal Out A 10 is a game that could be used as a math center.  The student draws a card, writes their number on the form provided and then draws the remaining numbers needed on the 10 frame.  The child then has to come up with the correct number sentence.  This idea is from Math Coach's Corner.
I love this idea from First Grader At Last of using a cut up (polka dot) place mat (from Walmart) to demonstrate 10 frames.  Think of the games and activities you could come up with!  Unfortunely when I was at Wally-World over the weekend I didn't see any. :(
If you're a Kindergarten/Preschool teacher I think these playdough number mats would be great for introducing number concepts.  They are FREE on TpT thanks to Kindergarten Works.