Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Money, Money, Money, Money...Money

Can you read the title post without breaking out into song?  Ok so here are a few money ideas, games and activities to incorporate into your math stations.  I have lots, so this may be broken into a few different segments.

Magic Money looks like a great resource for both home and school use.  It is a free download from TpT, thanks to Nicole.  I love that there is also a letter already typed up to send home explaining how to use this system.  Trust me, money is a hard thing for little learners to grasp, so any help tool is greatly appreciated!

Dollar and Cents snakes and ladders game FREE from Down Under Teacher.
or Money Track (coins and bills)

Tales From A K-1 Classroom has more than just FREE money printables so make sure you check out the link so you don't miss out.  Trading Up looks like a fun one to use though!

Another money game, similar to the one above, is called Money Trade.  The freebie is from Classroom Freebies Too.  The game was played with kindergartners and went up to $0.25 so it seems like a more basic/simpler game than the one above.  I'm thinking I would start with this one first and then move to the one above next.  You could also use this idea for your struggling or lower students and use the one above for the more advanced students.  Either way, everyone would be gaining a little extra practice with money!

Here is a 53 page money unit created by The Lesson Plan Diva.  I haven't bought it yet ($6.00), but it looks well worth it with all the featured ideas you could use at centers.


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