Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doors, Doors and More Doors For Teacher Appreciation Week

Still looking for door decoration ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week?  Here are a few more ideas I dug up that were done at my school last year.  Honestly, the doors turn out to be masterpieces!  It's almost like looking at a large scrapbook page when you see some of the details!  I think it's safe to safe the teachers always feel very appreciated during the week!
The first picture was my door last year.  See what I mean?  Tons of work and details!  In case you are unable to read the message on the door, it says:  "The wind told the grasses, and the grasses told the trees.  The trees told the bushes, and the bushes told the bees.  The bees told the birds and the birds sang clear, Mrs. _______ is the best teacher of the year!" 
I don't care what you say; Cricut or no Cricut, cutting out all those letters and gluing them to the door would take FOREVER!  All of my students had their picture taken and placed either in a flower (at the bottom) or in an apple on the tree.  I must say, I was super impressed!!

"Mrs. __________ COOKS up great classroom fun!"
On the door are attached some small kitchen items with sayings. 
"Thanks for OPENING our minds and filling them with knowledge." - can opener
"You have showed us love and SERVED us well." - spatula
"Your RECIPE as a teacher wins the grand prize." - recipe cards
"Here's the SCOOP, you're the best! - ice cream scoop
"There's not a GRATEr teacher than you!" - small grater
"There's no way to MEASURE your influence in our lives." - measuring cups/spoons.
If you wanted to use this theme, I am sure you could come up more sayings, but those were the ones posted on this door.  Oh and yes, that is also a real apron hanging on the teacher on the door.  Way cute!

"Mrs. _________, we're NUTS about all you do for our school."  Various packages of nuts were them taped and glued all over the door.  With this phrase, it would be perfect if you needed to decorate a secretary's door.
 "Tweets and Twitters for Mr. _________ the cool guy."
The students were able to decorate a bird to attach with a special message of thanks for their teacher.
 "We aren't LION Mr. __________ is the PRIDE of our school."

If you happen to snap a few pictures of doors around your school and would like them to be featured, please send me an e-mail or leave me a comment.  I love to see the creativity going on in other schools!


Anonymous said...

So cute! But aren't is spelled wrong on that door. Kind of embarrassing for a school...

Anonymous said...

Everyone makes mistakes and its spelled correctly in the captain above the photo. Thank you for sharing !