Monday, October 10, 2011

Sucker Count Down Tree to Halloween

Halloween Idea # 9 - Halloween Sucker Count Down Tree:
This craft is totally going on my "To Make" List, that is growing longer everyday that I spend on blogs and pinterest!  I remember my family having a countdown tree similar to this growing up, only ours was used for Christmas.  I absolutely loved it!  I know that my own kids would LOVE doing this too, or hey, even in the classroom!  Check out Crafty Sisters for the step by step tutorial on how to make one of these for yourself!


glenda regan said...
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Candace & Nicole said...

Hi Allison! Thanks for sharing our tree! It was really fun to make and our kids love it!


Anora said...

Its looking good the arrangement of Halloween by kids. The tree is looking very good and having the look of crafts..

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